Comprehensive College Advising

Almost all of my work with students and families is done through a comprehensive college advising package. I find that the comprehensive approach allows us to get to know each other well, and that relationship is the foundation for a good process. The comprehensive package is available to both high school and transfer students. The earliest I begin working with high school students is sophomore year, if they are ready and interested at that point.

Sometimes an hour-long consultation is all that's needed for a student or family with short-term, specific questions or needs. I offer hourly advising when the circumstances are a good fit for that approach. College list development is not available on an hourly basis.

I have considerable expertise and experience with both financial aid and merit aid. If college affordability will be a factor in your college choice, it is important to bring it into the process from the beginning. Applying for aid is one of the last steps; long before that, you should be learning about college finances and seeking out colleges that are likely to offer an excellent financial fit.

Comprehensive college advising package

This package provides you with comprehensive guidance as you prepare for college and go through the admissions process. This is a flat rate package. Students who begin early can receive up to three years of one-on-one college advising.

  • Reflection and self-assessment to help you understand your goals, interests, values, and challenges.
  • Discuss goals and ideas for summer activities, coursework, and enrichment opportunities during your high school years.
  • Help you develop a well-researched, balanced list of colleges based on academic, social, and financial fit.
  • Create an application timeline and weekly to-do lists to help you meet early deadlines and stay on track throughout the application process.
  • Map out your required essays, help you brainstorm essay topics, and provide feedback on each of your drafts.
  • Help you plan college visits and prepare for admission interviews.
  • If you are an artist, musician, or athlete, work on portfolios, auditions, and coach contacts.
  • Help with financial aid applications (FAFSA and CSS PROFILE) and professional judgment appeals if needed.
  • Provide guidance on scholarship applications.
  • Help families get ready for the transition to college.